A Change In How 1 Chinese Province Reports Coronavirus Adds Thousands Of Cases

Coronavirus news.-China's Hubei province expanded its criteria for identifying new coronavirus infections on Thursday, causing a dramatic spike in reported cases at the epicenter of the disease, as Beijing moved to purge provincial party officials amid criticism of their handling of the epidemic.

Hubei, where the majority of the world's infections have been concentrated, added a new category of "clinical cases" to its reporting. Now, patients will be included who exhibit all the symptoms of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus — including fever, cough and shortness of breath — but have either not been tested or tested negative for the virus itself.

The change, likely a response to the scarcity of test kits and questions about their reliability, caused a ninefold increase in new reported cases in the province.

Hubei province reported 14,840 new cases Thursday, compared to 1,638 new cases the day before. Hubei also reported 242 new deaths, more than double the 94 reported on Wednesday.

So far, Hubei is the only province that has revised its definition of new cases. Others have not publicly reported "clinical" or asymptomatic cases. Beijing is expected later Thursday to report new nationwide statistics.

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